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The Building Services division offers a full range of building rehabilitation and maintenance solutions for re-roofs, water damage, dry-rot projects and structural requirements to preserve your properties value. Building Services also offers property owners assistance with structural design changes and other special projects involving these concerns:

  • Structural Ventilation, Gutters and Downsprouts - We recommend every homeowner maintain an annual inspection schedule for their home or building and gutter system to ensure they remain intact and functioning properly.

  • Stucco and Siding Challenges - Stucco and sliding repairs may include resealing around windows and doors, special coatings, termite control, and paint finishes.

  • Interior and Exterior Painting - Choosing the right paint and finish materials, as well as prepping the surface, applying it properly is the single most important maintenance project that provides the overall preservation of your property.

  • Sheetrock and Drywall - Sheetrock and drywall problems are normally the result of leaky plumbing, attic moisture or water seepage that comes through small cracks or holes in your property’s external siding. Selecting proper techniques to repair sheetrock and drywall damage is something our Building Division is designed to do for you.

  • Waterproofing - Left unattended, waterproofing issues may end up creating other property disasters to the building’s structural integrity die to dry-rot, mold, or other forms of moisture damage.

  • Flat and Vertical Surfaces - Flat roofs and other horizontal surfaces (i.e. decks and porches often need special attention, since water drainage or debris accumulate faster there than they do on sloped roofs or other angled surfaces. Painting and applying new caulking around doors, windows and walls is a necessary part of building maintenance.

  • Roofing Maintenance - When included as a part of the property’s annual inspection, roofing issues are easily detected and help reduce a property owner’s chance of having to deal with expensive re-roofs and underlying structural repairs.

  • Decks and Balconies - We can design and install any deck or balcony. No matter your project’s scope or budget, our Building Services can help you.

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