Property Management



Two important facets of any effective property management program are establishing and maintaining an open communication forum.

As our primary focus at Tri-State Enterprises, our Property Management Services Division addresses the needs and concerns of Home Owner’s Associations (HOA’s) and private property owners. Through direct representation, the Division’s professional property management leadership provides support for our clients with the following services:

  • Home Owner Association (HOA) acting Agent, Administrator, and Operations Manager at Scheduled Board meetings

  • Maintain rosters of all unit-owner names, addresses, phone numbers, and email contact information

  • Provide prompt responses to HOA property owner complaints or requests for information, maintenance, repairs, alterations, and other services

  • Complete person-to-person accessibility and support for emergency property management issues and requests 24/7, every day of the year

  • Assisting HOA's to achieve their financial goal

  • Creating ad distributing Annual Budgets

  • New HOA formation: The transition from developer to HOA


Tri-State Enterprises Property Management Services Division excels with the knowledge and practice of generating and distributing reports and materials to clients for tax, financial and assessment purposes with the following procedures:

  • Maintain secure records

  • Provide periodic written status reports

  • Weekly site inspection and periodic building inspection reports

  • Maintain secure records

  • Provide periodic written status reports

  • Weekly site inspection and periodic building inspection reports

  • Assessment and related billing presentations to HOA members

  • Fee, assessment or other income management

  • Manage assessment delinquency records and monthly aging lists

  • Manage bank deposits for HOA collected monies

  • Manage funds disbursement from HOA expense accounts when authorized

  • Manage invoice approval and payment process for budget items

  • Manage and pay all property expenses from HOA funds

  • Manage authorized HOA onsite employees

  • Assist preparer with development of pro forma operating budgets

  • Provide HOA Tax Return, Financial Reviews and Audit Preparation assistance to CPA or other financial consultant

  • Provide complete and accurate financial accounting and records in accordance with GAAP, including:

    • Balance Sheet

    • General Ledger

    • Financials and other reports submitted to HOA Board or private property owner 


Additional services we provide:
Assist with leasing
Providing property disclosure documentation

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