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It was really a wonderful change to have Tri-State work with our association . . . within a few years our budget was 100% funded. I highly recommended Tri-State for its thorough understanding of the particularities that affect homeowners associations, for their down to earth family run business and for their dedication to responding in person to all their calls.
— Irene R., Mountain View
I was helped by Tri-State Enterprises, myself and as a resident at one of their properties, not only did they post the water shut- off notices two days ahead of schedule, but they were on top everything for me. From scheduling the appointment and making sure someone from their office was on-site in case needed to assist with the plumber.
— Teresa E., Mountain View
I have been living in a property in Mountain View for a very long time and am glad to say that Tri-State has been a pleasure to work with in all occassions. When I remodeled my house they were efficient with notifying the Board of Directors for approval of my Architectual Modification Form and worked on my side in order to gain approval for what I needed done. Also, our property has kept a great value, and our landscaping is looking great as summer comes near. I want to say thank you to the Tri-State team for their great efforts and work.
— M. R., Mountain View
If anyone who can turn your property around, it’s TRI-STATE management team! Our old property manager (no name mentioned here) was always late and did not have a conference room to hold our annual meeting. We had to hold it at HOA member’s home. Common areas are covered with ivy and dried grass with uneven concrete slabs. Monthly fee was reasonable but we have always had to pay an arm and a leg for services provided by property manager. (maybe the manager gets the finder’s fee?)

Ever since Tri-State management team took over, our common area began to take shape. It’s a real pleasure to walk through this park-like property. They have turned this place 180 degrees around with only four years on the job. Together, they turned our HOA directors into a proactive team. The best part of all - IT’S DONE WITHOUT RAISING MONTHLY DUE NOR IMPOSING A SPECIAL ASSESSMENT FEE for the past four years!
— C. C., Palo Alto
I wanted to congratulate Tri-State Enterprises and their helpful staff for making my community a better place to live in Mountain View. The first time I was introduced to Tri-State Property Management, I met their staff just after I had moved into my unit and we had a community painting day at the property. At that time, Tri-State had recently taken over management of our property. Our property was undergoing several remodeling activities, and our finances were tight. Instead of spending excess money to paint the hallways and install lighting, our entire community was invited to participate in a Saturday Painting Day where we painted the halls together with the management team members and installed new lighting to freshen up the look of our common hallways. It was great to see us work together for a common goal and I felt a real sense of teamwork and support from our management from that day forward.

Since then our management has worked to strike a balance between carefully monitoring our finances and enhancing our property in every way possible. I have witnessed a complete upgrade to our landscaping with various seasonal flowers, and beautiful brick walkways were added. A wrought iron pedestrian gate has been installed to enhance our security and add to the beauty of the complex. Our upper and lower garage gates have become fully operational and secure; the entire siding of the building has been repaired and repainted to reflect a more modern look. Our exterior lights have been updated, and our pool has been completely resurfaced.

Most recently, I returned to the Tri-State offices to have them answer some questions that I had regarding the property. Several managers took the time to speak with me and address my concerns and make me feel comfortable. Since they are just a few minutes away from our property, I have always felt free to stop by and say hello. Thank you, Tri-State for all of your diligent efforts and for your team’s dedication to improving the property each step of the way.
— Sandra S., Mountain View
I am a Realtor with some listings in a building that Tri-State manages. They have been very prompt in in answering any questions I had, and they produced and provided clean HOA documents that were up to date in a very timely fashion. One potential buyer had several very complex technical questions that they answered in a well written and informative email. Whenever I call, a pleasant person answers the phone and provides the routing to the information I need. When I email they get back to me promptly. I have dealt with other property/HOA management companies that were not nearly as well run as this company.
— Anne A., Los Altos
I have lived in a development managed by Tri-state for several years now. When something is wrong, it gets fixed. The property looks very nice and my have HOA dues that are about half of the association across the street. That is a combination that I, for one, like.
— William C., Mountain View
For the last eight years I have lived in Mountain View on Showers Drive. Since Tri-State took over the management five years ago, we have experienced a different type of response from the previous management company. In the past, we were not able to talk to a live person when we needed assistance. But every time we have called Tri-State for an emergency, or anything similar, we have encountered a live person who referred us to the right people to accommodate our needs. Our Association’s funding has gone up tremendously. All the parks and streets are maintained beautifully. We have not always agreed all the time to all the answers we have received from the management, but the fact is, we understand that the management reflects the Board of Director’s decisions and the management’s role is to implement what they have been told to do. Unfortunately, it took me time to understand the process of living in a homeowners association. We have four associations here; all managed by Tri-State; three associations and one master association. All four associations are maintained beautifully, the value of our property has remained stable in comparison to the surrounding area. What prompted me to write this review is an email from my banker who indicated to me that he was looking for Tri-State Management when he stumbled on a review. I may not know the circumstances of those reviews, but it seems to me that some reviews are related to a personal issue, such as a disgruntled employee and are not related to the business itself. After all, I would not have a job as a property manager, as it seems nearly impossible to please everybody.
— Chris P., Mountain View
For the past 12 years I have lived in a beautiful homeowners association but in the beginning it needed a lot of work, so we hired a new management company, Tri-State, to come in and help us recover from a series of poor decisions that led us to be facing special assessments.

Our budget was completely shot but Mr. Chami was very generous with his time and knowledge. He spent many hours with us without charge just to help us organize our status and position while we were interviewing new management companies. We were in a litigation and he offered direction to help us with that, as he has excellent knowledge of the legal and financial aspects that are unique to homeowners associations.

It was really a wonderful change to have Tri-State work with our association, as we were able to avoid a special assessment and within a few years our budget was 100% funded.

I highly recommended Tri-State for its thorough understanding of the particularities that affect homeowners associations, for their down to earth family run business and for their dedication to responding in person to all their calls. Nagi Chami can be counted on to always show up any time or day of the week for everything from an emergency to a simple request.

Personally, I am grateful to Tri-State for turning a bad situation into a positive one. We all had to work together but it was worth it!
— Irene R., Mountain View